Cause, like, it's practically dubbers tradition.

I never realized that this community was growing in size, as slow as that rate is, but anyway.

Since it's official that Toonami has decided to rape and defile Naruto, does anyone besides me fear that a character might get a dreaded British Accent while being dubbed? I hope not, but seeing as how it's dubbers, Toonami, and Naruto we're working with, it's not unlikely this might happen. Any thoughts?

Oh yeah. ;-; i hope they don't get rid of Sexy no Jutsu to make it more 'kid friendly' or something.
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Dim, Dim, Dim!

Wow! My first rant of a dubbed series! XD

Oh, yeah! Hiyas! Yes, I'm definitely new to the club. <.< >.>

Anyways! I want to rant on about Sanji...and maybe later characters. -_-;

I would so have to agree with the icon of this club. For one, I get the reason for exchanging Sanji's cigarette with a sucker. However, his voice? WTF? When I heard that, I just about had a spasm. Oo; What do other people think of this situation?

Also, when Naruto comes to Cartoon Network, I so hope that they won't make DRAMATIC changes to their voices...or their names. x_x;
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:D hello! This is God/The moderator speaking and welcome to Dub_Therapy!

As an anime fan, I know how horrible watching some dubs are, especially if you watched and liked the sub. coughFULLMETALALCHEMISTcough.

Whether you're ranting about how a certain character got butchered in a dub, or an entire series fell victim, here is the place to do it!

But observe the rules when you do. Okay? Okay. ♥
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