Enveh (narutomonkey) wrote in dub_therapy,

my mind is suddenly a big fuzz O__o

Dubbing has destroyed my brain. But some dubs are okay, ya know?


Would ya'll kill me if I said I didn't have a problem with some dubs? *dodges the bullets and ongoing threats*


Sanji's dub voice does grow over time...I grew to...like it. *shudders* Seriously, though, I can learn to put up with it, it's just that David Moo was better at Xellos from the Slayers anime.

Luffy's VA is okay...(Though I may be kidding myself here)--I prefer the subbed voice since I watched the first episode in jap. yesterday. Preferably funny XD
**Zoro's/Zolo's whatever!--I like him. Shame me all you want, I like him. I'd just like to know how he would sound like saying a few cuss words here and there.
Usopp-I sorta figured that a goofy voice would be needed for this character and so I really don't mind the dubbed. He's quite funny actually.
NAMI-woo-hoo!I can't stand the dubbed one. TOO annoying.

And there's a one edit ramble:

Did anyone see the latest episode of OP this Saturday? ZORO vs. Mihawk? I found it quite ridiculous on how Zoro can have gotten hurt(that X injury on his stomach) and nothing else. So Mihawk ripped his shirt and that caused him pain?! come on...

Oh yeah, one more thing. Did anyone know that FUNimation was also trying to acquire the rights to One Piece? Hey, some of those VA's may suck but at least they would have Uncuts on the DVDs in 2 months or less and they wouldn't leave the violence out.

Phew...That's done.

BTW, I won't be so quick to judge Naruto when it finally airs. Give me a few episodes and see what I'll say. :D
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